Centre and Household Food Garden Programme

Project Centre and Household Food Garden programme

Area Nutritions

Description Two of the graduates of our Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme and Agricultural Skills learnership, Ivy Mpenyane and Nkhensani Baloyi, head up this programme. They have developed a large and productive food garden at the Centre for five vulnerable mamas. They grow the red, yellow and green vegetables that the Department of Health recommends: beetroot, tomatoes, butternut, carrots, peppers, spinach, lettuce, beans and cabbage – as well as garlic and onions. The mamas have a healthy breakfast and lunch at the Centre and take home harvested vegetables. They sell their surplus to the Centre for meals for the children and young people – and the money goes back into the Food Garden at the Centre. Ivy and Nkhensani have also helped establish 40 household food gardens for vulnerable households in the villages. The mamas from these gardens come into the Centre every month for training, a healthy meal –and collection of fencing, compost and seedlings.

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